Project Description

ALEX is a posture tracker and coach that’s designed to coach you toward better posture over time. The team that invented ALEX comes largely from an academic background, so while they are all very smart, marketing is not their forte. When the team first approached us, they were ready to go full speed ahead on Kickstarter. We helped them take a step back and make sure they were fully prepared before taking their first big step in marketing.

Project Details

Date January 2016
Skills Crowdfunding, PR, Content

Doing all the prep work

Our first step with ALEX was something we didn’t expect. The company had named their device Spimon, a portmanteau of the words spine and monitor. To us, it sounded like a device planted by the CIA – not a great first impression for crowdfunding! We helped the team select a new name, ALEX, which would sound friendly and also pays homage to the Alexander Technique, which can improve posture. Once the name was selected, we created a one-page website to gather emails from interested buyers before the campaign launched, and started promoting ALEX through the media and social media.

Getting Results

In the end, we helped the team raise more than $70,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter and another $18,000 in on-demand sales on Indiegogo. We also helped them earn a huge amount of publicity with placements in publications like Mashable, the Daily Mail, Wareable, and even the Wall Street Journal. After the campaign successfully concluded and ALEX’s creators shipped devices to backers around the world, they contacted us again to help them launch on Amazon Launchpad, and to get additional publicity through reviews by prominent bloggers. 

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