From Incheon to Hapjeong, Yeseul has come not only a long way physically, but also figuratively, to achieving her goals. Though she may seem like just an administrator, Yeseul goes above and beyond the title; from pre-screening applicants to closing invoices to being involved with projects from cradle to gate, Yeseul is an integral member of the G3 Partners team. Read on for all the juicy details!

What’s your role at G3 Partners, and when did you join the company?

I joined G3 Partners in May 2016 and my role mainly requires taking care of admin-related tasks. That includes HR (hiring support for our CEO and COO by pre-screening applications from job-seekers to allow our bosses to more easily choose the best applicant) and general affairs (mostly making the atmosphere in our office comfortable and making sure we have all the necessary supplies). I also take care of some financial points concerning client-oriented work, such as contracts and invoices.

Where do you come from originally?

I was born in Incheon, Korea, which is known as a seaport area. I stayed there almost my whole life; I even graduated from Inha University there. But, when I started looking for a job, it became obvious that Seoul definitely has better opportunities in terms of obtaining my desired position in comparison to Incheon or pretty much any city in Korea. So that is how I ended up working in one of the coolest areas of Seoul – Hapjeong.

Tell me about the coolest project you’ve worked on at G3 Partners?

I know for most of my colleagues that the K-Startup Grand Challenge was the most interesting project to work on. But, since I am involved in a different kind of work at G3 Partners, I really enjoyed working on another big project we had – the Startup Go Global Lab, organised by KT Corporation. I had a chance to be involved in this project from the first (proposal) stage until the last one (reporting). This experience gave me a good, detailed knowledge base in how to operate this kind of project from an administrative point of view. I learned how to prepare an outstanding proposal for applying and getting the project, how to organise a budget and complete the project. It might sound boring or difficult, but it was a very fun experience for me as an admin.


Why did you pick G3 Partners over another company or agency?

My previous company required me to move very far from my house and I did not want to spend hours just going to work, so I left that organization to find another. At first, when I found the G3 Partners job post and checked company’s summary, it seemed to be a very small and new organization. Then I checked the homepage and was really attracted to the way Erik and Nathan expressed the company’s mission and vision. I realized that they have a very specific goal and strategy of what they want to achieve and how they will do it. This became very important for me, so I chose to join them. It did not take me long to figure out that my choice was absolutely correct.

What’s the one thing that you wish every startup knew or understood about marketing?

I am aware of the fact that many startups these days tend to hire a lot of marketing managers, gather big marketing teams or get help from marketing agencies. But, if a startup decides to work with a marketing person or agency, they have to trust and follow this person or agency 100%. Otherwise, there is no point involving other people with your company’s activities if you do not trust their professionalism. This situation is very common: the CEO has a great idea, so they create product or services. And of course, they believe that their idea is the best in the world and everyone will like it. But, very often, CEOs do not have 100% of the needed skills or knowledge; so even if their products are great, they still fail. That is why, in my opinion, it is important to ask for marketing people’s help and it is even more important to trust and follow them. CEOs have to be absolutely focused on communicating with their marketing team or agency and trust them to do their job.

If you could work on a project for any company, what company would it be and why?

To be honest, I have never thought about this question with this perspective. Since I have always been working on an admin side of the company’s work scope, I face what potential employees see when they want to work for a particular company. I have experience of working with 3 totally different organizations. The first company I was working for was really big – there were around 2,000 employees. The second was a much smaller organization, nearly 100 people. Even though those two companies were completely different, I always had the same idea in mind while working for them. I really believe there is no perfect workplace, one that matches everyone’s needs. People say company culture is important. My opinion is a bit different. I think every employee has their own personality, work style and lifestyle, so rather than being focused on what company a person wants to work for, they should focus on what they actually want to do in this company. Apple, IKEA, or Google – those look like dream workplaces, but you will never be happy working there until you understand exactly what you want to do there. It is not about the company we are working for, but what we are doing in it and how it affects us and society.

You free a marketing genie from a magic lamp and can make three admin-related wishes. What are they?

  1. I want to perfectly understand all corporate financial aspects
  2. I want to be a master of Korean labour law
  3. I want to be a master of Excel 

What are you really into, outside of work?

I like to go around Incheon and find nice, cozy places with delicious food. Since I recently moved to a new house, I really enjoy searching for design attributes and decorating my new place.

What’s your favorite beer? 

My favourite one is IPA. Actually, my first time trying real craft beer was when we got Keggy at G3 Partners. Now, I am a big fan of craft beer!

What’s your favorite app and why?

Coupang, because it suits my personality. Coupang is a very fast app (the interface and delivery) and I consider myself a very dynamic person. So, I order something on Coupang at least twice per week.

Who’s your favorite colleague and why?

Polina!!! Because we are almost similar age, so we can share similar interest of young women – clothes and cosmetics.

Did G3 Partners change any of your work habits?

Yes, definitely. I used to work in a big company, where they separated every part of admin duties into categories. In G3 Partners, I have to take care of many things at the same time. I reach out closely to specific departments, so I learn more. I can certainly say that this company made me more trained for the admin part.

Where do you go to get away from everything?

I love to go to Han river and eat noodles there. As for going abroad, I really liked New Zealand! Nature there is breathtaking and beautiful.

What’s your best memory from your time at G3 Partners?

It is a very tiny thing. When we were hanging around in the office, we were talking about companies and something else. Elli said she is very proud that she selected me. It sounded very sweet and nice for me.

How would you like to be described in an introduction to a client?

This is Yeseul and she will always listen to your concerns and opinions about the admin process. She is a good listener and eager to explain anything you need.