Your elevator pitch is like a great picture on Tinder. Its main purpose is to entice me to swipe right and get to know you better.

And just like that great picture, it’s usually plucked from 100 attempts, 99 of which you have to throw away.

The five-minute pitch that you dust off for big conferences, that’s like going on a date. Use your elevator pitch (Tinder) all week long and give the big presentation (go on a date) when you meet someone who stands out.

Metaphors aside, you’ll probably use your elevator pitch 100 times more often than your investor pitch. It’s worth getting right.

At G3 Partners we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what goes into a good elevator pitch, and we’ve condensed that information into 30 rapid-fire slides that cover:

  • What to include
  • What to leave out
  • Proven elevator pitch templates
  • Elevator pitch examples
  • Elevator pitch tips