Hi, My Name is Sophie and I majored in Chemical Engineering at University of Kansas. I began my G3 experience in May of 2017.

I’ve worked with nationally awarded scientists, interned with oil giants’ partners, and networked globally with hundreds… However, few have been as fulfilling and rewarding as my internship with G3 Partners. Through multiple projects and tasks, G3 expanded my knowledge of marketing and the startup industry and fostered my creativity. More than just career development, the team is unbeatable in talent and infectious passion; lifelong mentors and friends.


During my internship, I had 3 intern colleagues, (Fred, Kelly and me from the left) and I learned a lot from my lovely mentor, Elli.  


From the start, Nathan and Erik clearly communicated high expectations and standards. Most interns fetch coffee, organize internal documents, or make presentation copies. At G3, interns attend internal meetings and external networking events, while asking and answering questions alongside managers and directors. Other interns might be given short-term projects with little responsibility. G3 interns tackle long-term projects with responsibilities equal to associates’. Since G3 maintains a repertoire for high-quality work, even interns fill a production niche. From press outreach to successful marketing tactics, not a single task felt like wasted time, and each team member is eager to help, despite busy schedules.



G3 Office is always full of green plants & fresh air and I really loved my desk which can overview a colorful office.  


One of my favorite projects was creating original and engaging social media posts for a client. I expected my ideas and writing to be heavily edited to the point where I couldn’t recognize them as my own. However, no more than a few phrases were changed and even then, I edited them based off feedback. The level of trust and validation from G3 was something lacking in all my other work experiences. To work directly with a client was already exciting enough, but to see my crafted messages posted for millions to see was overwhelming in the best way!


There is fulfillment in personal success but greater fulfillment in G3 success. When G3 Partners succeeds, it means that clients succeed and are two steps closer to changing the world. As an intern, it is easy to feel displaced and overlooked. I often felt my work was insignificant to my previous companies or irritated at their push for internal competition. G3 Partners never made me feel unappreciated or pitted us against one another. This is because G3 focuses on quality work and building a cohesive team. Thanks to their efforts and kindness, I have become (imo) a better communicator, leader, and person. More than the snacks, I’ll miss the people. Here’s to the longevity and growth of Asia’s best startup marketing company, G3 Partners!


As Kelly did, I still recall the summer night when we went to Han river to enjoy the nice weather & chicken & beer with G3 team members.