My Name is Kelly and I’m majoring in Economics at University of Pennsylvania. I began my G3 experience in June 2017. As someone who is currently being primed by her school to enter corporate America (at least for a bit after college), I knew I wanted to try something different the summer of my sophomore year.


On my first day as an intern at G3 Partners, I was made to feel welcome–my workspace was all set up and I was taken out to a fantastic and filling pork and naengmyun lunch. Everyone in the company was remarkably accessible and willing to help despite their own busyness, and I also quickly bonded with the other interns through our undercover chatroom and daily lunch adventures.


One of the great things about working at G3 was that I was given projects that aligned with my interests. While I was exposed to many different functions and projects, from press outreach to market research to pitch editing, I expressed wanting more experience in research and strategy. One of my favorite projects was creating a market entry plan for a video production company looking to expand into Singapore, as it required a mix of strategy and creativity. And at G3, time is valuable and every team member is critical—including interns. I was working on projects that had real impact on both the company and clients, and was able to meet some of our interesting clients face-to-face.


When we had a weekly ‘board session’. It’s basically an open conversation for project we’re working on.


From a huge collaborative project with the Korean government to working with a men’s hair product brand, there was such a diverse array of undertakings going on around me. We had weekly or bi-weekly all-team meetings, so that everyone knows what’s coming up and what was accomplished and everyone was in the loop. We’d discuss a project from one of our teams or brainstorm around an upcoming challenge, so I knew what was going on outside of my own projects and had the chance to contribute.

Last summer, we went to ‘Han’ river to have ‘Chimac(Chicken & beer in Korean)’ all together. 


There’s so much real-life experience to be gained working for a smaller company, especially when you’re first making your entrance into the workforce. An internship at G3 Partners afforded me this experience, new friendships, and a memorable summer in Seoul!